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Lodging, Child Care and Institutions


Valerie C. Woodard Center (VCW)
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There are lodging, child care, and institutional facilities located throughout Mecklenburg County. Many of these facilities are permitted b​y state agencies and do not require a County health department permit. The number of inspections per facility varies by type. Regulations for these facilities can be found in the ​​​ DHHS Rules. 

The facilities that fall into this category include:

  • Child Care Centers
  • Family Child Care Homes (Information Page)
  • Lodging Establishments (Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfast Homes & Inns)
  • Public and Private School Buildings
  • Institutions (Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities) 
  • Residential Care Facility (Group Homes)
  • Local Confinement Facilities (Local Jails)
  • Adult Day Service
  • Mental Health, Disability, and Substance Abuse Facilities (Other Institutions)

Operator Resources for Institutions and Lodging Establishments:

NC DHHS Regulations

Bed Bug Information

Bed Bug Information - Spanish

Norovirus Guidance and Recommendations (Revised 2020)

Pest Control Process

Long Term Care Facilities - Norovirus

Long Term Care Facilities - COVID

Institutions Linen Handling (Revised 2020)

Institutions Backup Water Supply Plan Guidance (Revised 2020)

Institutions: Food Safety Requirements

Lodging: Continental Breakfast Guidance 

Lodging - Cleaning Guidance (Revised 2020)

Lodging - Cleaning Guidance Spanish (Revised 2020)

Lodging - Housekeeping Cart Guide (Revised 2020)

Lodging - House Keeping Cart Guide (Spanish) (Revised 2020)



Operator Resources for Child Care Establishments:​

Administrator/Director Guidance

Child Care Center Administrator Check List (Revised 2020)

Disapproved Classification Guidelines (Revised 2020)

Provisional Guidelines (Revised 2020)


Cleaning Procedures

General Cleaning Guide (Revised 2020)

Classroom Cleaning Guide (Revised 2020)

Kitchen Cleaning Guide (Revised 2020)

Outdoor Cleaning Guide (Revised 2020)

Toys Cleaning Guide (Revised 2020)


Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Outbreak Guide (Revised 2020)

Salmonellosis - Child Care Center Guidance (Revised 2020)

Norovirus (February 2009)

Shigellosis - Child Care Center Guidance (Revised 2020)

Legionnaires - Child Care Guidance (Revised 2020)

 Centers for Di​sease Control (September 2014)

 Head​ Li​ce (September 2014)

 Poison Prevention and Education (September 2014)


Diaper Changing

Diaper Changing Sign (May 2012)

Toilet Training Procedure (September 2010)


Disinfectant/Sanitizer Guidance

Chlorine Sanitizer and Disinfectant Guide (September2016)

Chlorine Dissinfectant Test Strip Distributors and Manufacturers (Revised 2020)

Emergency Response

Flood Guide (April 2006)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Hand Washing

Hand Washing Sink Use (Revised 2020)

How and When to Sanitize a Hand Washing Sink (Revised 2020)

Hand Washing Sign (May 2012)

Procedimiento del Lavado de ​Manos (August 2012)

CDC Hand Hygiene (September 2014)


Kitchen/Food Service

Air Gaps (Revised 2020)

Backflow Prevention Guide (Revised 2020)

Bottle Storage Guide (Revised 2020)

Crock Pots and Bottle Warming (October 2011)

Family Style Dining Guidance (Revised 2020)

Pocket Guide To Can Defects (November 1987)

Sanitizing Dishes in a 3 Compartment Sink (October 2016)

Utensil Washing in a 2 Compartment Sink and Dishwashing (Revised 2020)

Thermometer Calibration (October 2016)

Vegetable and Fruit Washing (Revised 2020)


Outdoor Learning Environment

CCA Treated Lumber Form (Revised 2020)

Gardening Best Practices (Revised 2020)

Insect and Mosquito Repellants (Revised 2020)

Outdoor Learning Environment and Premises (Revised 2020)

Petting Zoo Safety ( October 2016)

Poisonous Plant ID (September 2014)

Poisonous Plants of NC (September 2014)



Child Care Operator Detailed Inspection Sheet (October 2016)

Sanitati​on Rules (August 2007)

State Child Care Center Memos (September 2014)

Evaluati​on Form (January 2006)

State Lead Paint Hazard Memos (September 2014)



Diaper Changing Sign (May 2012)

Procedimientos para el cambio de Pañales (August 2012)

Hand Washing Sign (May 2012)

Procedimiento del Lavado de Manos(August 2012)

Toilet Training Sign (September 2010)



Emergency Medication Storage (April 2009)

Hazardous Items Storage Guide (Revised 2020)

Poison Prevention and Education​

Links to additional child care-related websites:


National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education

Child Care ​Resources, INC

Children's Envir​onmental Health Branch (CEHB)

Division of Child De​velopment & Early Education (DCD&EE)


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Valerie C. Woodard Center
3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 8000
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