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​Use Less Stuff - Holiday Recycling

​Did you know that the holiday season generates about 25 percent more trash?

The following tips for using less "stuff" during the Holiday season will not only show you how to reduce, reuse but also how to reduce waste in Mecklenburg County:

  • Buy rechargeable batteries for toys and other items that are used frequently.
  • When mailing a present, use a brown paper sack to wrap the box.
  • For wrapping gifts, use old maps or Sunday comics, or kids’ artwork.
  • Make a realistic food shopping guide- avoid having too many leftovers.
  • Send leftovers home with guests in plastic containers collected from other food purchases
  • Buy a tree that can be planted afterwards or buy an artificial tree.
  • Decorate the house with natural items from the local Christmas Tree Corner Stand, e.g., branches, pine cones and berries.
  • Buy lights that are wired in parallel- if one goes bad, the others still work.
  • Put your lights on a timer- it will save energy and money.
  • Buy in bulk items you will use a lot of and that have a long storage life.
  • When sending holiday cards select cards made from recycled content.
  • Cut off the front of old holiday cards and make your own or make them into postcards.
  • Make gifts out of items that you already have around the house:
    • Old clothes and jewelry for a dress-up box
    • Tools and gadgets for a young inventor.
    • Make potholders and oven mitts from old ironing board covers.
    • Old clothes, drapes, robes, and tablecloths can be used to make doll clothes.
  • Or give a gift that was purchased or received and that is not being used by you. (It’s the thought that counts!)

In Mecklenburg County, we recycle about 77,000 tons of bottles, cans and paper materials each year, but we still throw away 360,000 tons. By not buying as much, we will have less to throw away and less to recycle. Recycling is helpful, takes energy and is a significant employer of your friends and neighbors here in North Carolina. Using less stuff can ultimately save yourself and your community money, while helping th environment. 

And always ensure you are "Recycling Right", click here to see what items are recyclable in Mecklenburg County. 

Click here for some recycling tips this Holiday Season or email us.


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