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​BOCC Mission and Vision

Mecklenburg County will be a community of pride and choice for people to LIVE, LEARN, WORK, and RECREATE.​


Residents in Mecklenburg County will reside in a welcoming and thriving metropolitan area comprising 14 counties in North Carolina and South Carolina. Mecklenburg County will be the regional place of choice and home to generations of families and cultures from all over the world and economic backgrounds. Taxes will be competitive relative to the region for the scope and quality of service provided by local government. We will celebrate diversity and inclusion, promote equality of opportunity and have respect for all of our citizens. We will have safe communities that provide affordable housing opportunities throughout the County. We will provide alternatives to incarceration for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism, substance abuse and mental illness. We will eliminate preventable child deaths and injuries and will have no disparities in resident health based on ethnic background. We will reduce homelessness and poverty in the community. Our senior citizens will receive appropriate services in order to be able to age with dignity. Residents will be physically and socially connected to one another. Residents will have ownership of the community and actively participate in citizen involvement opportunities.


Residents in Mecklenburg County will have access to high-quality education at any point in life and be prepared to meet the needs of employers. We will be a model learning community committed to maximizing academic achievement for every student regardless of socio-economic standing. The County will continue to be a regional hub for higher education, offering individuals opportunities to attain degrees and further their professional development.


Residents in Mecklenburg County will have continuing employment opportunities in a diverse economy that provide all who are capable and willing to work, a living wage. All residents will have the opportunity to share equitably in the community’s prosperity. We will be innovative and have a vibrant economy as we attract new businesses and support existing businesses. We will have adequate regional mass transit that connects residents to their homes, work, schools, park facilities and commercial centers.


Residents in Mecklenburg County will have access to a system of parks, greenways and open space located throughout the County that connects neighborhoods and satisfies public recreation needs. We will sustain and enhance the environment by protecting our natural landscapes, and have an abundant source of clean drinking water, healthy creeks and good air quality. We will preserve our historical landmarks. Residents and visitors will learn, be inspired by, and enjoy our community’s arts, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

​​Organization Vision

​Mecklenburg County will be the best local government service provider. We will maintain a local government that is effective, efficient, responsible and accountable. Partnerships between government, private sector, non-profit organizations, and the faith community will bring together people from diverse backgrounds to ensure that our community is resilient and able to address and solve community problems. Through collaborative land use planning and strategic capital investments, there will be a good quality of life in our community.


Office Location:

Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center
600 East 4th Street
Charlotte NC 28202
Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Clerk to the Board