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Citizen Resolution Court​

The Citizen Resolution Court is a service offered via a partnership between the 26th Judicial District, the City of Charlotte's Dispute Settlement Program, and Mecklenburg County.

Before pursuing criminal charges against an individual, consider whether the matter could be resolved via the Community Relation Committee's Dispute Settlement Program (DSP). The DSP is a FREE service that seeks to mediate and resolve a wide range of conflicts without those conflicts ever entering the criminal justice system.

The Dispute Settlement Program (DSP) is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee, which is a division of the Office of the City Manager. The Dispute Settlement Program provides mediation services to the residents of Charlotte-Mecklenburg in cases that involve:

  • Misdemeanor criminal complaints (including those involving 16 and 17-year-old juveniles), i.e. damage to property, larceny, assaults, and communicating threats, etc.
  • Neighborhood conflicts
  • Consumer complaints
  • Conflicts between co-workers
  • Employer/employee disputes
  • Miscellaneous conflicts

If you'd still like to pursue criminal charges, see the handouts below for important information to consider prior to appearing before the Magistrate.

Magistrate's Window Informational Handout (English)
Click the image to the left to learn more about the information you'll need to have ready in order to seek criminal process at the Magistrate's Public Window.

Folleto de Instrucción Informativo (Español) sobre la ventanilla del Magistrado

Haga clic en la imagen a la izquierda para aprender más acerca de la información que debe tener para un proceso criminal en la ventanilla del Magistrado.


Office Location:

Criminal Justice Services
715 E. 4th St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
Hours: Mon-Fri  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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