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Key Initiatives

Below are brief descriptions of the key initiatives that Criminal Justice Services is currently pursuing. Click a link in the table below to jump to the corresponding section.

​Key Initiatives

Safety and Justice ChallengeEnhance Operations of Pretrial Services
Criminal Justice Data WarehouseCriminal Justice Dashboards

In 2020, Mecklenburg County was awarded an additional $1 million from the MacArthur Foundation as part of the Safety and Justice Challenge to continue supporting the County's efforts to develop and implement strategies capable of positively impacting the main drivers of the local jail population. This brings the total investment in Mecklenburg County by the MacArthur Foundation to $3 million.


To continue safely reducing the jail population, the County plans to implement strategies aimed at addressing system inefficiencies, enhancing existing services, providing non-jail alternatives for defendants, and increasing community engagement in local justice system reform. This will include enhancing services provided to defendants pretrial, implementing more meaningful first appearance hearings and improving case processing, and partnering with residents to identify and implement community-led programs and policy interventions.

Criminal Justice Data Warehouse

The criminal justice data warehouse allows the CJS Research and Planning Division to readily access administrative data from from the record management systems of the Arrest Processing Center, Mecklenburg County Jail, and the Mecklenburg County Courts to provide comprehensive analysis of the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Dashboards

The dashboards are web-based tools designed to provide Mecklenburg County residents an interactive, high-level overview of criminal justice system activity. The dashboards graphically displays arrest, jail, and court information from the data warehouse.

Enhance Operations of Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services provides valuable information to the courts for determining conditions of release for accused individuals and supervises defendants awaiting trial. In 2018 Pretrial Services became the first stand-alone jurisdiction to receive accreditation from the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA).


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Criminal Justice Services

Key Initiatives